Risks Related to Damage Liability

If you cause injury to another person or damage to another person’s property, you may face a claim for such damage from the other party.
In such a case, you may have to pay a significant amount for medical expenses, repair fees and other costs.

In addition, if an accident is caused by your child, you as the parent can be held responsible for supervision and be liable to pay damages.

To prepare for various liability risks, we recommend that you purchase personal liability insurance

Generally, most general insurance companies provide insurances such as the following.

  • Coverage

    Personal liability insurance covers liability for damages when:

    • You cause injury to another person in a bicycle accident.
    • You cause injury to another person in daily life.
    • You unintentionally cause damage to another person’s property.

    In general, personal liability insurance covers not only the insured, but also the insured’s family members.

    Recently, bicycle accidents have become a social issue in Japan.
    Indeed, there was a recent case where a cyclist at fault in a bicycle accident had to pay more than 90 million yen in damages.
    If you mainly use a bicycle in daily life, we recommend that you be covered by personal liability insurance.

    ≪ Liability Arising from a Bicycle Accident ≫
    If you cause a bicycle accident, you will bear both criminal and civil liability.

    • Criminal Liability: If you cause death or injury to another person, you will be charged causing death or injury by gross negligence.
    • Civil Liability: You will be liable to pay damages to the victim.

*Please note that the explanations about the general insurance referred above are based on the Japanese laws and practices. Please also note that the explanations referred above are examples. Actually, they may vary depending on each circumstance.

When you wish to obtain a personal liability insurance

As, generally speaking, personal liability insurance can be added to an automobile, homeowner(fire), personal accident, or other insurance policy, we recommend that you make such a contract if you wish to get personal liability insurance.
If you already have one or more of the above insurance policies, please contact an insurance agent.

Before signing a contract, we recommend consulting your acquaintance who is able to understand policy terms and conditions in Japanese.

*A general insurance contract is agreed under certain terms and conditions. Therefore, you need to understand the details of the coverage when you make a contract. Japanese general insurance companies provide their policy terms and conditions only in Japanese.