Potential Risks while Living in Japan
& General Insurance Cover - Points to Be Aware Of!

Welcome to Japan.
Though Japan is well known for being a very safe, clean, and well-organized country, life here is of course not completely risk-free.
While there are sure to be many obvious lifestyle and cultural differences between Japan and your home country, we hope you enjoy your new life here.

However, we understand that these differences may occasionally be confusing, and, in some cases lead to you suffering economic losses or being involved in accidents.
As such, we’ve designed this website to provide information on the types of risk that may arise, so that you can live safely and comfortably in Japan.
The page also provides an explanation on general insurance, which can help you be prepared for such risks.

For sightseeing or to visit friends, etc...

If you already have travel insurance, or any other kind of insurance that covers travel-related risks, from your home country, we highly recommend rechecking your coverage details.
You need to fully understand the amount insured, the terms and conditions, and other details to ensure that it covers, for example:
1) getting injured, 2) falling sick, 3) personal belongings being damaged or stolen, 4) you injuring another person or damaging another person’s property.

In addition, if you rent a car in Japan, you purchase insurance at the same time. Car rental fees usually include insurance premium, but coverage details vary between rent-a-car companies. You will need to check them by yourself.
Needless to say, traffic rules in Japan differ from other countries. You should drive very carefully.